Spreading the Word – Steps to Faith (English)

Spreading the Word – Steps to Faith (eng)

The basic course in Christian faith, “Spreading the Word – Steps to Faith”, was developed because many people would like to become acquainted with the Christian faith in a simple and systematic manner. The course consists of 10 compact lessons, each with five main thoughts. The length of each lesson was kept to a minimum and refers to important key verses in the Bible that are accompanied by graphics. These help demonstrate the verses so that the content can be more easily communicated and understood. Therefore the course is quite flexible and can be used versatilely – one-on-one or in a group situation – and simultaneously in several languages (German, Farsi/Persian, English, Russian, Turkish and Arabic).

“Spreading the Word – Steps to Faith” begins with the fundamental doctrine of Christianity and leads to a personal encounter with Jesus Christ, the living Son of God. Even today God’s Holy Spirit opens people’s eyes so they can believe in Jesus Christ with their whole heart and follow Him. This cross-linguistic basic course in Christian faith is a creative way to pass on the Good News.

The course is set up in a methodical way, so that a solid Christian can lead an interested person to faith in Jesus Christ using the 10 lessons. Every lesson should begin with a prayer and then be explained in about 30 minutes. Each lesson concludes with questions to dig deeper and bridge the gap to the next lesson. In this way, the entire faith course can be explained in 10 meetings. It is recommended that the participants memorize the significant Bible verses to be able to better understand the Good News and accept it into their hearts. In this way they will make room in their lives for the living God and his Word and, as a result, receive the opportunity to experience God personally and intensely.

The author of “Spreading the Word – Steps to Faith” has conducted the course several times with various cultural groups and has experienced personally how Jesus Christ has lead seekers to a personal and liberating relationship with God.

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Pastor Willi Goss (Nuremberg) has a heart for immigrants and has always maintained intercultural contacts and relationships. Due to the wave of refugees he saw that many people in Muslim cultural circles were seeking contact with churches to find out more about Christianity. In order to be able to clearly explain the Christian faith, Pastor Goss, who is also an educational scientist and behavioral therapist, developed "SPREADING THE WORD - Steps to Faith".

The course "SPREADING THE WORD - Steps to Faith" is available as a booklet or an e-book in the following languages: Farsi / Persian, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, English and German. The App WEITERSAGEN 2017 is free and is also available in all six languages. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to mail@weitersagen.info

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